Leather Jewelry–A New Lark Love Story!

//Leather Jewelry–A New Lark Love Story!

Leather Jewelry–A New Lark Love Story!

I usually don’t review/share/blog about cool books herein, but now’s as good a time as any to start!

You know how I love adding any new material or technique to my jewelry making arsenal? Well, I’ve got another arrow to drop in my quiver with Nathalie Mornu’s new Leather Jewelry: 30 Contemporary Projects!

Leather JewelryNow, I know what you may be thinking–this review is nepotism at best since I’m now a Lark author. You’re right on one score in that I do have a newly heightened affinity for all things Lark. But, you’re also wrong (wrong, WRONG!) since I can honestly say that “Lark had me at ‘Hello’!” (When I became aware of the fact that 90% of my jewelry and craft books were published by the same company–yep! Lark!–I knew a love affair had already begun without me and I just had to catch up!)

But that’s just the start of my Lark Love Story. What a fabulously tempting book Nathalie’s put together! Leather Jewelry makes what I used to think was an out-of-reach medium (where do I get this stuff? what do I use to sew it? will I like having all-brown jewelry?) another enticing “pull (-me-in-another-direction)!”

Fave projects include: Big Zip (Joan K. Morris) (what a surprise that I’d like a zipper necklace); Link (Marina Massone) (can you say way-cool interlocking-ness?); and Gossip (Nathalie herself) (the dictionary defines this one as “pure flirt!”). The book’s subtitle marks the projects as contemporary, and it tells no lie! The designs are clean, colorful, fun, and fresh!

And, the illustrations had my heart palpitating–they are heaven-on-paper! Nathalie tells me that the awesome Frenchman, Olivier Rollin, sketched these oh-so-pretty (and immaculate) step-by-steps which is another side love-story (and I haven’t even seen him, nor heard him speak!). (Oh, PS! These illos actually show the “how-to” as well as dress things up!)

My love fest finale is all about the book’s gallery. You see, when that green-with-envy feeling starts to well up inside, and I know “I wish I would have thought of that first,” it’s a good-sign-of-good-design!

Suffice it to say, that I’m about as green as I can get about Leather Jewelry–and that’s a GREEN-LOVE-THING for sure!




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