New Plateaus: Shifting to the How’s and Why’s of Creativity

//New Plateaus: Shifting to the How’s and Why’s of Creativity

New Plateaus: Shifting to the How’s and Why’s of Creativity


I read something today that reminded me that I once didn’t know how to turn a wrapped loop or even what material to use to string a basic beaded necklace. I had never been published, nor had I ever taught a class on the subject anywhere. Now, I take for granted what I have gained from years of showing up at the jewelry bench, over and over again.

Having started, worked through, and completed a few hundred pieces of jewelry seems like no big deal on one hand. I’ve gained an “arsenal” of techniques and a whole bunch of knowledge from trying and failing, then trying and succeeding.

One of the things I like best about teaching is that I am reminded of what I have to offer my students. Some of the most basic twists of wire or change of orientation to a jump ring is (truly) wondrous to someone that hasn’t had that “aha” moment quite yet—the aha moment that I had three years ago or maybe even last month. To them, the tidbit in invaluable; to me it is a tidbit in a pile of a million-zillion tidbits making up my whole huge bag of Tidbit Tricks (yep, two capital T’s!).

Nonetheless, our aha’s are only brilliance for a moment or two, then they become a part of our collective intelligence and we’re nonchalant about, or at best non-plussed by, our fabulousness. I guess that is why we keep reaching for more. We want to swim farther out into the ocean, climb higher heights up mountains, and reach for the next best step in our life paths even though—when we look back—we tend to forget our achievements, however big or small.

My newest path is to embrace the next step of my creativity. I LOVE the process of creativity and of reaching each our own newest creative plateaus. I love delving into what turns creativity into success; how to find creativity in yourself, manage it, and keep it alive. To that end, I’ve been studying Creativity Coaching with Dr. Eric Maisel, PhD. ( and am working through my certification while continuing to work, make, teach, and write. It’s been humbling, enlightening, frustrating, and jaw-dropping!

This, my new blog, will feature the process of creativity: its ups and downs, its ebbs and flows, its craziness, stillness, and roller-coaster ride-ness. Hop on with me! Let’s jump on this ride together hands free!!

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