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Project Description

Araceli Macias

Araceli is a mixed media Jewelry artist/metal smith, her passion is wirework, which she has been wrangling for over 15 years. Currently she is teaching private classes in her studio along with running an online store.

Chris Gatzow

Boot designer by day, jewelry designer by night. Chris has been designing jewelry for 12 years, jigging for 5, and selling her work for 6ish years. She currently rents booth space at Marigold Marketplace & creative Studio in Menonomee Falls, and has a small display selling in the artists gallery at The Knitch in Delafield along with participating in several vendor fairs a year.

Cindy Goldrick

Cindy has been crafting all her life. For the last 10 years, she has been designing and teaching, sharing her passion for jewelry making at bead stores around Canada. She has been an instructor at Bead and Button and a designer using the NTaJ! for over seven years. Several of her original pieces have been published in well-known magazines.

Denise Peck

Denise was editor-in-chief of Step by Step Wire Jewelry magazine for its entire run, from 2005-2016. She is also author of 7 wire jewelry books, including 101 Wire Earrings, Handcrafted Wire Findings, & Wire + Metal: 30 Easy Metalsmithing Designs. Denise has been making jewelry for over 20 years and has a bench jeweler’s certificate from Studio Jewelers, Ltd., in NYC.

Jeryl Black

Jeryl is a mostly self-taught jewelry designer and recovering marketing manager. She started making jewelry several years ago as a way to use up creative energy. Jeryl started out stringing beads and has evolved to designing with wire, resin, polymer clay, metal and jig work. She currently designs jewelry and helps people and small businesses with their social media and marketing needs.

Joellen Fritchen

Joellen started beading over 15 years ago. Like most beaders, she started stitching (connecting itsy bitsy beads together with thread) and eventually complimented the stitched components with wire, metals, and glass. Joellen hasn’t found a jewelry making technique that she doesn’t like and really enjoys bringing others into our jewelry making community through sharing and teaching.

Kathryn Tetzlaff

From the time Kathryn could hold a crayon, she’s had a passion to create art with color and pattern which led her to a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. At Columbus College of Art and Design, she was recognized as Fine Artist of the Year for her painting, and her creative work has evolved into making wearable art for the last 25 years. Living in Ohio with her husband, daughter, and their sweet dog Toby, Kathryn makes bohemian style jewelry that celebrates nature and gives the wearer an expression of her unique personality.

Maike van Wijk

Maike van Wijk creates one-of-a-kind handmade jewelry and home adornments. She started creating wax and wire jewelry in a 2012 workshop where she learned to embellish hand-bent wire pieces with paper dipped in encaustic medium (a wax and resin mixture). She has been a proud NTaJ! owner since 2014. With roots in The Netherlands and Germany, Maike is trilingual and enjoys incorporating cultural memories and linguistic quirks into her work.

Marti Brown

Marti has been designing jewelry for over 36 years, beginning even before my BFA degree from Miami University. Her coursework in jewelry making encompassed the traditional metals, sterling silver, copper, brass and gold filled. Lately, Marti’s interest has become spreading the word about niobium and its benefits in the creation of art jewelry. She has taught wire working as well as metalworking.

Susan LeGuyader

Susan has been making jewelry for almost 18 years. She is completely self taught. She has explored many jewelry making techniques, from seed beads and thread to bead stringing… finding wire and everything she can do with it was like coming home.